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    "The festival includes 10 million free opportunities..all over the UK..for everybody even if you are unemployed."

    Ruth Mckenzie, the director of the 2012 cultural Olympiad, on the London 2012 festival.



    London 2012 Festival

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    What’s wrong with a little media attention?


    Recently Tom Daley the Olympic diver and 2012 hopefully has come under a lot of criticism about spending some time working the media

    In my opinion I don’t think its a major problem. Actually I think Tom spending some time in the media spotlight is good, not only that the time spent will help raise the profile of diving but also that it will help him gain public support in time for 2012.

    Here is his response


    Tom Daley




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    Channel AKA’s Christmas Party - Backstage Chaos

    My “official” role for the day at Channel AKA’s Christmas Party was to shadow anyone doing some interviews at the event primarily in the VIP area, but also by the side of the stage.

    At first there was not much for me to do as each artist went on stage at the Indigo 02 and began their sound checks, so I actually did some artist liaison. So I got a clipboard and a pen and was assigned the job of ticking off the artists names as they arrived, and sent them to the production room to pick up their wristbands, not that stressful. But then artists began to disappear, take too long for their sound checks, and not arrive in general.

    Here’s where the crazy began.

     I had to run back and forth from the backstage entrance to the production room to find out if missing artists were going to arrive. Then go to the side of the stage and inform Kacey, the stage manager, that we needed to somehow find more time for more artists to do their sound checks.

    And now the real chaos is unleashed.

    The sound checks literally ended 2 minutes before the doors opened! There was a huge confusion outside the venue so that people started queueing in the wrong lines, and people that were supposed to be on the guest list weren’t, and those on the VIP list were on the guest list. Basically only a hand full of people were in the venue, but the first act was threatening to not perform if they went on stage any later. 

    So the running order had to be constantly changed and I had to inform everyone of the changes, consequently we were running more than a little late. And to add to tension the crowd was not the most enthusiastic in the world. 

    I literally spent the whole night running from the backstage area, from the dressing rooms to the production room then to the side of the stage and even helping out upstairs, helping organise the VIP list.

    I am definitely disappointed that I didn’t get any opportunity, or time to shadow interviews of the artists. But in general the event was a success but certain things e.g. the issue with the guest and VIP lists, running out of wrist bands could have been avoided if everything had been a little less disorganised. It was a chaotic day, but definitely a fun and interesting experience.

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    Guardian tour

      On the 22nd of November my fellow SMJ’s and I went to the big shiny Guardian newspaper’s HQ in Kings Place, King’s Cross. While we were there we meet a few of the paper’s editors, picked up a few journalist tips and were given an expert tour of the office by Benji Lanyado. And if you’ve read my previous blog, I hope you would recognise Benji’s name, as he ran a few masterclasses as part of the build up to the Vancouver 2010 paralympic trip.

    The Tour

    One stop on the tour was the Guardians unusual meeting room, pictured above.

    The meeting room had suprisingly big comfy sofa’s, which were a welcomed site after a long day,and bar stools lined along the wall which would have been better suited in a sixth form common room.

    But I guess it’s casual decore reflects the rooms flexibility. The room changes from a morning briefing station to a catalyst that instigates a heated debate every now and again as well as a content generating machine.

    And ofcourse the SMJ’s had to inspect canteen, giving it a nod of approval as we regrouped before we headed home.

    The Editors

    Firstly Ian, the sport editor, talked to us about a project he ran during the 2010 world cup. He oversaw a huge operation, which brought one blogger form each of the participating countries together on the guardian’s online website. 

    Ian talked to us about how the guardian would like to try to do something similar for the 2012 Olympics. And the criteria would include a bloggers with originality, genuine views and those blogging about what the mainstream media aren’t.

    And we talked to David, the CiF editor, who talked to us about the guardians constantly growing and developing online interests.

    Finally Joanna, the newly appointed digital development editor, shared her own story of passionate stalking, how she get involved in the blogosphere through pure endurance.

    The Tips

    • As a journalist you need to be passionate 
    • Write about what interests you the most, as frequently as you can
    • Try to find your own niche within the big blogosphere 
    • Don’t be afraid to be tenacious, irritating the editors till they listen to you, and a little stalking is not so bad.
    • And finally that the future is digital. Building up an online presence is a good way to go. 




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    Official Olympic posters reveled, what’s your verdict?

    Yesterday the official 2012 Olympic and Paralympic posters were unveiled to the world!

    What did the press think?

    What did the BBC have to say?

    Now, I am a lover of most contemporary art pieces and generally a fan of quite a few of these artists, but honestly I don’t see the point of half of these posters! 

    I understand that each artists had to incorporate their own style and individual view on the games within their pieces but I believe the posters are don’t immediately tell you anything specific about the 2012 Olympics. I think they are too abstract and vague for the wider audience of the world, that the games should include, which is not exclusively revolved around these award winning artists.

    Apart from Chris Ofili’s for the unknown runner,and Bob and Roberta Smith’s (paralympics) Love 2012 I feel that the rest of the posters do not deliver a strong enough message that will grab your attention, and make you excited about the Olympics, or have I misinterpreted the purpose of a simple poster?

    Or is that what LOCOG intended to do?

    Maybe LOCOG wanted the posters to feel abstract and mysterious, appeal to a more high browed artsy crowed, and make the cultural Olympiad seem even more exclusive. 

    Maybe LOCOG just wanted to show off Britain’s award winning artists without really thinking too hard about how the rest of the world would interpret it.

    Maybe LOCOG just though they looked really cool and hip and young. Who knows?

    Here they all are in glorious confusing abstract nature! 

    And if you do want to see these for yourself all of the posters will be on display on at the TATE next year as part of the cultural Olympiad.




    Official olympic posters

    olympic posters